The chaos inflicted on God’s Creation particularly on it’s Crown – Man, over the past two years has caused enormous damage, suffering and tragedy. And whilst nations and governments across the world have utilized enormous quantities of resources to curb the level of suffering, many mistakes have been made in the process. Many could have been completely avoided. What ever happened to critical thinking, round table discussions, expert panels, discretion, debate and dialogue in Australia? What ever happened to empathy, compassion, not to mention the crown of virtues Love? I am particularly saddened at the vilification of people who for whatever reason, have chosen not to be vaccinated with the currently offered vaccines. Few, in positions of authority and the media, have ever bothered to ask why these people are so steadfast in their conviction. As a consequence, they unwittingly make terrible errors of judgement and stimulate prejudices.
NSW Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant yesterday appeared in a NSW Health - Facebook Livestream, where she was interviewed by a 14 year old child, with the intention of addressing questions surrounding Covid 19 vaccines. Honourable intentions aside, the staged Q&A is a format the CHO would be well advised to avoid in the future. Disturbingly, it smacked of Soviet era ‘Young Pioneer’ propaganda! Particularly chilling was the following appeal from Dr Chant: ”I know young people are influential with their parents and grandparents, so please raise with them their vaccination status and really encourage them (to get the jab)”. 17.11.21
Twentieth century Eastern European communist regimes emulated the ‘Soviet Childhood Cult’ which decimated families and elevated the party and state above all else. Adolescent servants of the state dobbed on their non-conformist parents and friends, all the while vigilantly spying on each other in their frenzied pursuit of what turned into the bloodiest dystopia in the history of mankind. It is estimated over 80 million people were slaughtered in the Soviet Union and Communist China alone. Have we forgotten history?
Hundreds of thousands of European, Asian and South American migrants fled such regimes and migrated to Australia last century, hoping to never again be subjected to propaganda and state terror. Recruiting teens to further any political agenda is at the very least, irresponsible. Demeaning those who love and care for them, their parents and family, is simply reprehensible. 
Let us hope that Dr Chant’s performance was a simple faux pas.
+ Siluan
Bishop of Australia and New Zealand
The Serbian Orthodox Church