Yes it is official! By the Grace of God and thanks to the continued support of the community and the dedicated efforts of the College Committee, St. Sava College is opening in January of next year.
At present we are in the process of completing our registration application. This is a huge and very serious task. It is also a great joy, because this is what we have all been working towards for a long time. A number of professionals and consultants have been engaged to guide us through the registration process which will allow us to legally and professionally operate our first full-time day school in Australia.
The registration process concludes in March. After that we have a number of tasks to undertake, including the formation of the College Board made up of a range of professionals who will be responsible for guiding the school in fulfilling its mission.
At this point we are seeking expressions of interest from families in the community. For those of you who are considering enrolling children in St. Sava College, we invite you to complete the online EXPRESSION OF INTEREST form. This in not an application for enrollment, nor is it binding in any way. What we need to determine is the level of interest in the College, and to use the information provided, in the planning process. In the second half of the year, when a principal has been appointed, we will be offering enrollments.
Mid-way through the year, the Board will call for applications for the position of school principal, following which, staff positions will be advertised, applications assessed and positions offered to successful applicants.
The school will open with Kindergarten, and grades 1 and 2. Thereafter, the school will grow by one grade each year. When beginning a school, it is important to grow incrementally, establishing the culture of the school, in accordance with its stated mission.
Internal works and landscaping will be completed by June of this year. In February major earthworks will begin in the construction of two football fields at the front of the property as well as the construction of internal roads and parking areas.
Complete your Expression of Interest form here: