The Holy Archangel Michael Parish and Church Community in Homebush, celebrated its patronal feast day the Holy Archangel Michael on Sunday, 19th of November 2017. This year’s feast day has broken all the previous attendance records. Close to 200 hundred people have gathered to celebrate and partake in the glorious occasion. 

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Today’s Gospel exposes the truth about life after death, and also reveals one very important principle: we cannot achieve eternal life without struggle. Also, through this Bible story Christ reminds us that wealth without virtues is pure wickedness. 
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On Thursday the 9th of November, His Grace Bishop Siluan was received by the Mayor of Hornsby, Mr Phillip Ruddock. The Mayor is Australia's second longest serving federal politician, serving the nation as both Minister for Immigration and Attorney General. As a token of thanks for Mr Ruddock's decades long support of the Serbian Church and community, His Grace presented Mr Ruddock with an Orthodox wall Cross. Mr Ruddock mentioned that he has a considerable number of Orthodox icons, and was grateful for the new addition to his collection. In a very warm exchange of reflections on both world and local events, both the Bishop and Mayor expressed their mutual concerns for society in this time of social confusion. 
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Upon the unanimous desicion of the judicial council  on March the 7th 2017, according to which the Appeals Court of NSW confirmed the judgment of the Supreme Court of NSW of 2015 relating to the St. Sava monastery near Canberra, this monastery has been returned to the spiritual management and guidance of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Metropolitanate of Australia and New Zealand. 
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Stage 1 of St. Sava College is now at lock up stage, and to celebrate this important milestone, His Grace Bishop Siluan, summoned the clergy and faithful of Sydney and environs to come together in prayer and fellowship on Monday of the long weekend just passed. Several hundred people shared in the radiance of the Divine Liturgy, followed by, the much appreciated performances of the “Nasledje” children’s orchestra under the leadership of Zeljko Glamocanin and the various folk dance groups form Sydney and Wollongong. 
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Yes or NO? 
What next?
As of next week, Australians will begin receiving ballot papers inviting them to cast a vote on the possible redefinition of marriage.  This vote is about much more than simply legalising same sex marriage. Please stop to consider what will follow if the definition of marriage is changed. 
Let us preserve our children’s innocence!
In the last couple of years we have seen some very harmful programmes being introduced into our schools. Under the guise of inclusiveness, diversity and anti-bullying, our children are being exposed to radical sex education programmes such as “Safe Schools”. In countries where same sex marriage is legalised, programmes such as these have become mandatory for children as young as 5 years old. And parents have no say in the matter. Christians are called to vote NO to same sex marriage to preserve our children’s innocence!
Let us preserve freedom of belief!
If marriage is redefined, anybody expressing a traditional view of marriage, sexuality or gender will find themselves on the other side of the law. All Christians believe that God created us - male and female, and so do most non-religious Australians for that matter. Christians are called to vote Vote NO to preserve freedom of belief!
Let us preserve freedom of speech!
Freedom of speech is a fundamental democratic right. In Australia, the law states that marriage is the union of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others. In countries were homosexual marriage is legal, verbalising a position upholding traditional marriage is deemed offensive, discriminatory and punishable by law.  Christians are called to vote NO to preserve freedom of speech!
As imperfect, sinful and undeserving of God’s grace as we are, let us earnestly ask the Lord for His mercy and guidance through these difficult times. Let us be mindful always of our own sinfulness, let us not be quick to judge, let us remember that Christ died and rose again for His entire creation – for us and for those who reject His divine order. May his mercy be upon us all, now and forever and to the ages of ages - AMEN

Lead by His Grace the Right Reverend Siluan, the Bishop of the Metropolitanate of Australia and New Zealand, gathered at the third regular Assembly of the Metropolitanate, the clergy, monastic clergy, representatives of church communities and missionary parishes, monasteries, Federation of the circles of Serbian sisters and the Orthodox Youth Association, in the holy monastery of St. Sava- New Kalenic in Hall, near Canberra, with thanks to God for this blessing, calling to memory the assurance of the apostle Paul that "those who are lead by the Spirit of God are the sons of God" (Rom. 8,14). This we believe and confess, so that finally with this message we greet the Serbian Patriarch His Holiness Irinej, Their Eminences and Graces members of the Holy Synod of Bishops and the entire fullness of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the fatherland and all countries of our planet.   
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It has taken some time, but despite the financial difficulties and setbacks our Church has humbly endured over the past five years, we have step by step continued with the God-given task of working towards the completion of Stage One of St. Sava College. Our building is at lock up stage and we invite you to COME AND SEE the progress that has been made. On Monday of the October long weekend, that is, the 2nd of October, we will first and foremost give thanks to the Lord for what has been achieved to date, and seek His blessing for the continuation of our project.
His Grace Bishop Siluan, together with the clergy of Sydney will celebrate the Divine Liturgy at 10 am, following which, we are organising a picnic day with food and entertainment beneath the roof of our new building. Please join us, bring your children and grandchildren, your friends and family for a relaxing and inspiring day and see for yourself the significant progress that has been made. 
When: Monday 2nd of October at 10 am
Where: St.Sava College – 381 St.Andrew’s Rd, VARROVILLE.
Everybody is welcome!