Dear faithful, 
The Census is arriving in the next few days and it is very important that you fill it out. There are a few important questions for the Serbian Community which must be filled out with specific words to ensure it is counted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. These are as follows: 
Q20 - Languages Spoken
(there is second box which allows you to put the degree of competency) 
Q22 - Ancestry 
Q23 - Religion 
Serbian Orthodox 
(If you just put Orthodox, it will be counted as Greek Orthodox. Christian will also be counted in the general sense) 
These questions are very important for the Serbian Community as they dictate how much funding is given to the community for language support, multicultural funding, church funding, language schools/classes, embassy and consular support, translation services etc. 
Please share this information with your family and all your Serbian Friends and contacts. This is very important. 
Kind regards, 
Office of the SOC Metropolitanate of Australia and New Zealand
Census 2021 ENG